Expert Analyst Coverage. More Mileage from it.

Zacks Investment Awareness fills the gap between traditional Investor Relations programs and in-house or agency services. The ZIA program includes expert analyst coverage, high-profile placement, and great analytics.


ZIA Builds Awareness

Coverage Boosts Credibility

Zacks Analysts specialize in covering small cap companies. Their insights translate complex science, tech and industries for investors. The reports detail company highlights, competitive advantages and real insights.

Social Maximizes Reach

Zacks Investment Awareness (ZIA) offers unprecedented distribution to a relevant audience of investors, influencers and wealth advisors. The goals of investor engagement, social media velocity and stock volume are detailed in regular reports.

Data Proves ROI

We use Big Data and Machine Learning Tools to find out who is engaging with the company research and ticker symbol. We use the analyst reports to cultivate the audience to find even more active potential investors and influencers. 


Millions of Investor Impressions

ZIA and Content Carnivores

 Zacks Small Cap Research and Content Carnivores have teamed up. Expert analysts plus Expert Digital technology delivers unprecedented ROI for hundreds of companies, 80% in biotech and digital medicine.

 More Company Coverage

Zacks category expert analysts provide top tier investment reports covering your latest company updates, including: key science data, historical valuation, market cap, debt levels, dividends. These reports are published to Yahoo Finance, Harvest, Medium and other investor channels.

More Mileage thru Social Media 

Ongoing social posts boosts relevant engagement of your coverage. A series of social media posts based on the report are distributed to a powerful network of investors and influencers on social media. This drives consistent views of your reports over time. 

ZIA Works

  • Programs gain immediate traction and generate 1,000's of impressions
  • Company image is elevated from expert analysts--not just PR or marketing
  • Reporting for ROI to management and  investors 

Jeffrey Walker, Co-Founder ZIA and Founder, Content Carnivores


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